Ughhh... Need to get rid of WhatsApp sooner than later. Was planning on getting rid by end of the year but every time I see the icon on my phone I throw up a little so might just bring that forward a few months.



Have a look at Matrix/Riot. It's great and can be self hosted as a part of a federated network (like Mastodon).

Using it since 2 years for all internal & family chats, radius growing.

@marco I have dabbled in setting up a home server with Matrix, but found the Riot client a bit clunky and hard to encourage non-tech folk to use. The encryption functionality in particular was a but much, having to constantly confirm keys and the like.

Signed up the public Riot server the other day again to speak with somebody from Fosstodon and it did seem as though the client had been improved, so maybe something I could have another look at.


I'd say it's definitely worth a second look. Riot/Web is one of the most sophisticated web clients I know, the Smartphone Apps are also great. I've got my own Riot running on my Matrix VM.

WAF is good as well, they muss only voice messages right now (me not, I hate this voice chat thingy 😂😂😂)

I was running Mattermost for a year, checked anything else which can be self hosted (Rocket Chat etc) ... nothing can compete to Matrix/Riot IMHO.


However, I agree that E2EE is not yet highly polished if you want key / device verification. But an improvement is on their road map.

But still all chats which stays on you own server are a million more secure / private than any WhatsApp crap, even in rooms with E2EE disabled.

@marco That is true, though I don't fully understand how that works when federated, since which server is it then stored on? Both?

I have a Nextcloud instance so setting up Talk is easy enough. Nextcloud Talk is encrypted by default, has video chat, screen sharing and colab on files hosted on the server which is neat. Text chat is a bit simple but I'd rather that than overly complecated.


Rooms are only exchanged between the servers which have participants in the room. Which means the data of all rooms with family and friends, where the accounts are on your own server, will never leave your machine.

I like to separate services. For my own cloud I use Seafile Pro which had a perfect and stable sync client from the first day, contrary to Owncloud/Nextcloud.

@marco I thought as much but wasn't sure. I have had issues with Nextcloud too, and the mobile apps I find can have their own issues too, but I will persevere for now. Good to know Seafile is something I can look at if/when I become unhappy with NC.

@lexservxyz Notifications don't seem to be working too well though 😉

@Matter apologies! That does make my point in a way that Riot would be a hard sell to friends and family if something such as notifications don't work as they should.

@lexservxyz @Matter

If your friends & family use only android devices then Prosody as xmpp server and "Conversations" as client will be enough.
As for Apple devices it is hard to find truly working xmpp app. There are several of them, but all are unreliable.
On the other side Riot works well on both platforms. But it is not particularly user friendly as mentioned above.

@ludman1 @Matter I have actually tried this also, before my adventures with Matrix. Again, Conversations was alright but didn't quite cut the mustard for whatever reason at the time. Did use that years ago now so can always revisit.

@Matter @lexservxyz Are you using the F-Droid build? IIRC it has no push notifications since that's a google thing.

@swedneck @Matter I am indeed, so that will be why. Quite a significant feature to be missing, and not about to sacrifice my 'Google-free as possible' setup, so Riot maybe not an option.

@lexservxyz @swedneck there is work being done on notifications, but it's a difficult thing to solve, and not only for Riot. @Bubu has some kind of grant for it I think, in any case brighter minds than mine are on it

@lexservxyz @Matter Except this is not due to riot, it's due to being google-free. Anything using push notification will be using google's servers as far as i'm aware.

@swedneck @Matter Oh of course, no fault of Riot's if I've chosen to go Google-free, just a shame that it doesn't work properly.



I wish #Matrix can be more popular than what it is. It is good software mainly the video chat option.

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